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Just as we need different clothes for different occasions, similarly we also need different eyeglasses for different purposes. Here we are not only talking about the frames and glass colour but something different. Today's generation spends almost six to eight hours in front of computers for both work and study purpose. There was a time when people used to spend more hours in front of books and papers. But in this digital age, everything is conducted through digital platforms.
In the last ten years, multiple digital devices are introduced in the market and all these have a great impact on our lifestyle. From communicating with people to booking a cab, for every purpose we need to look on a digital screen may it be your laptop or Smartphones. But did you know that the light emitted from digital screens is extremely harmful to human eyes and body? The light emitted from these screens is known as blue light. This is the reason why one needs to wear specialized blue light blocking glasses while looking at any digital screen.

But before moving towards the features of blue light blocking glasses, here’s a short brief about blue light in general.

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1.What is Blue light?
2.What is blue light blocking glasses?
3.Do blue light glasses really work?
4.Who needs blue light blocking glasses?
5.Blue Light glasses review
6.Final thoughts 


What is Blue light?

If you consider yourself proficient in Excel. If you've ever had long sessions playing games specifically PC and VR, or those who spend any time in front of a TV, and had eye soreness, red eyes, eye pressure, temple pain, watery eyes, trouble sleeping right after or just overall headaches then you might be suffering from blue light exposure. These are some of the side effects you get from staring at a screen for too long or in Virtual Reality's case, too close

All the visible lights that are seen by human eyes have the complete spectrum of the rainbow. Any source of visible light you can see gives off blue light waves. Blue light waves are emitted from sun to any artificial source such as a touch screen. Now the problem is you get enough blue light throughout the day natural from the sun. But when the sun goes off you are still exposed to blue light from digital screens. As the sun goes off the human body produces a hormone known as melatonin that is responsible for sleep. Now if you still keep on getting exposed to blue light after the sun goes off, the normal functioning of the body stops leading to several problems such as lack of sleep, eye strain etc.

What is blue light blocking glasses?

** ANTI BLUE LIGHT & UV - can cut 90% of the blue light. Relieving eye fatigue, dry and vision falling.
** REDUCE EYESTRAIN - Enjoy your digital time, NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headache.
** BETTER SLEEP - can reduce eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.
** LIFETIME WARRANTY--We provide worry-free lifetime warranty(no man-made)and friendly customer service.

Now coming to the main part, as you know the harmful effects of blue light waves, you will obviously need to find out some way to stop it harming your body. Quite obviously in this world of digitalization, you can't stop using or looking at digital screens. This is the reason we have come up with specialized blue light blocking glasses that are going to protect your eyes throughout the day. These computer glasses are specially designed to optimize vision while looking at digital screens. The enhanced blue light filter technology helps the lens to absorb & reflect the blue light waves that harm your eyes by creating extra pressure and strain on them.

Some blue light protection glasses are also designed to protect your eyes from UV rays. So whether you use them at day time or night, your eyes are protected thoroughly and you will be not exposed to any harmful rays on both day and night.

Do blue light glasses really work?

Yes, they do work. However, there is no particular evidence that can tell how much they work, but wearing them will obviously not harm you. Natural blue light waves that are emitted from the sun do not harm your eyes. But the blue light that is emitted from artificial sources, especially those that are emitted at night can be really harmful to your eyes. If you are going through the sleepless night or having dark eye circles you should definitely change your regular eyeglasses to blue light blocking glasses. As they can absorb harmful blue light waves, your problems will get sorted to a great extent.

Who needs blue light blocking glasses?

Not everyone needs blue light blocking glasses. People who are not exposed to artificial sources of blue light can wear regular glasses. Here is the list of candidates who needs blue light blocking glasses:
People who spend long hours in front of the computer, smartphone or any other digital devices.People who use Smartphones or laptops especially late at night.People who work on their computers or laptops late at night.Gamers who spend hours busy in online gaming.
IT professionals, engineers and call centre executives whose main work is sitting in front of the computer for hours should definitely use blue light protection glasses.

Blue Light glasses review

Blue light protection glasses come with a lot of benefits for people of this generation. Here are the different benefits listed below:

Increases melatonin production

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the night time and which is responsible for your sleep. This hormone actually helps to control your body's daily rhythm. As the sun sets, the hormone starts releasing from your body and when the body is exposed to sunlight the level of melatonin starts decreasing. When you start using blue light glasses it will help your body maintain a good level of melatonin. As a result, you can fall asleep faster at night and your body will get adequate sleep and energy.

UV A/B Protection

It's quite well known that ultraviolet rays are harmful to eyes in several ways. They create strain in your eyes, affect the cornea and further lead to vision problems. The first thought that comes in mind when we think about UV protection is sunglasses. However, it is always not possible to wear sunglasses everywhere you go. Plus sunglasses won't be feasible for people who wear high powered glasses. The best solution is to purchase an all in one clear glass which can both protect you from UV rays and blue light. Unlike traditional UV protection glasses, these glasses can be worn at anytime, on any occasion.

Enhancement in Reading

Any kind of near vision tasks by using a laptop or computer is pretty tiring and challenging. When you do any extensive work close to the computer for hours, it causes stress to your eye muscles. Even if you have normal vision, you might experience eye fatigue after working for a few hours. So people who even have normal vision can use these specialized glasses to increase your eyesight and overcoming the difficulties of focusing with extra effort.

Helpful for shift workers

Shift workers should start using specialized eyeglasses since they are at a high risk of body rhythm fluctuations and disruptions. If the circadian rhythm is disrupted it can lead to severe diseases like heart problems, obesity, cancer or digestive issues. By using specialized blue light glasses, it will help these workers to maintain the body clock & protect from any severe illness.

Prevents muscular degeneration

Muscular degeneration is a common age-related issue. Age-related muscular degeneration hampers the central vision; therefore one cannot see the fin details on any object. Exposed to blue light waves is one of the major reasons behind muscular degeneration. The blue light waves enter the eyes and affect the retina. So wearing blue light protection glasses will restrict the harmful light from entering into your eyes, thereby protecting you from muscular degeneration.

No more digital eye strain

Often you experience sudden headache or blurred vision after you spend quite a few hours in front of a computer. Furthermore, it leads to eye issues like dry eyes, fatigue, redness and other symptoms of eye strain. Using blue light protection eyeglasses eliminates all the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Korea TR90 Material for lightweight experience

The Korea TR90 material is a dominant eyewear plastic made in South Korea. This frame material is super flexible, lightweight and won't change shape. Plus they are super durable and don't break easily. Athletes and children can use them freely since they are impact-resistant.

Are there any cons of blue light protection glasses?

The only concern about blue light protection glasses is they might change the colour of whatever you see. Sometimes it might be difficult for you to read the screens. Not all companies that claim blue light protection offers high-quality glasses. Usage of some might also result in vision issues especially while seeing a digital screen. So it is highly recommended that you purchase these computer protection glasses from a certified brand or company and also check the website and customer reviews thoroughly before purchasing.

Final thoughts

In an overall basis, blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses are highly beneficial, especially for today's' generation. In a world where you can't stay without using digital devices, you need something that can protect your health from harmful rays emitted by screens. It should be noted that blue light waves are not completely harmful. So the glasses are designed in a way so that it can restrict a portion of the harmful rays from entering your eyes. Some of the key points of these lenses include minimizing glare, reducing digital eye strain, better sleep and preventing from dry eyes.


** We hope you can enjoy your person digital time with Gechiqno Blue Light Filter Glasses.
** A good blue light filter glasses not just save your money, save your time, the most important is save your vision.
** Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness.
** If you bring work home with you or watch TV late at night, increased exposure to blue light can make sleep a serious challenge. 
** By reducing the stimulating effects of blue light in the evening, your brain naturally releases more melatonin, allowing you to get to sleep easier.


To order you don't need to give any prescription. You can choose from a variety of frame options for your computer glasses and enjoy a better screen time experience. So what are you waiting for? Order your computer specialized eyeglasses now!