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Which glasses is good?

Gechiqno will share with you about myopia glasses? Still not wearing it?

Do you wear glasses well or not?

what kind of glasses do you want?

General myopia glasses should be worn in daily life because myopia is far vision disorder.

In daily life, if you spend most of your time outdoors outside away, your eyesight will be seriously impaired without glasses, and you will not be able to see the details of objects, which is not good for your eyes.

If you move indoors, your myopia degree is less than 200 degrees, you may not wear it, but you should wear it if it exceeds 200 degrees.

What's the harm of not wearing glasses?

The brain is the worst without glasses.

Because more than 95% of the information received by the brain comes from the eyes, a considerable part is far away.

For example, if you visit a scenic spot, you can't see the scenery in the distance without wearing glasses, and your brain can't receive the corresponding information, which is very important to the development of your brain.

glasses are also the protective layer of eyes, which can prevent eye injuries such as beer bottle explosion and firecracker.

I am a beauty-loving MM who is troubled by myopia. If I wear my eyes for a long time, my eyes will deform and destroy the beauty of my facial features.

Some people say that the more you wear your eyes, the more you can't do it, and the eyes are easy to bulge, but you can't see clearly if you don't wear them. Is it good or not?

for a long time, there has been a lot of debate in the industry about whether myopia should be worn frequently.

After experts' research and relevant reports, the editor put forward the following points for reference.

1. For myopia over 3. Moderate myopia of 00 degrees, especially over 6.

For high myopia of 00 degrees, their far vision is very poor. Whether they look far or near, it is better to insist on wearing glasses.

because if they don't wear mirrors, distant targets cannot be seen clearly through their own adjustment.

This will affect their judgment, analysis, and appreciation of things.

It is not conducive to study and work, and there will be difficulties in life.

Although their near vision is good, they often need to put the target very close.

This will not only cause visual fatigue but also promote the progress of myopia.

For example, a 6.

For myopia of 00 degrees, his distance is 16 cm, and the distance between reading and writing can only be within 16 cm.

For this close work and study, both eyes must be in a strong convergence state.

Long-term tight contraction of extraocular muscles and compression of the eyeball, coupled with intraocular congestion, etc. , will promote intraocular pressure to rise.

For developing teenagers, it will undoubtedly promote the lengthening of the anterior and posterior diameters of the eyeball and accelerate the progress of myopia 2. For myopia with astigmatism, I think glasses should be worn frequently in general.

because if they don't wear glasses, they can't see clearly no matter how far or near the target.

To this end, they constantly adjust the distance between the eye and the target and do not voluntarily attempt to strengthen the adjustment to change vision.

Even squint, frown, tilt and other methods to make up for the lack of vision, so it is easy to suffer from visual fatigue, causing discomfort such as eye soreness, distending pain, tears and the like.

It may also cause a series of neurasthenia-like symptoms such as dizziness, loss of eyes and dreams.

Some people are also prone to eye complications such as blepharitis, hordeolum, chalazion, Etc.

In the long run, the skin around the eyes and eyes will climb up prematurely.

3. For myopia, the degree is less than 3.

For myopia with 00 degrees and no obvious astigmatism, should their glasses be worn frequently? On this issue, there may be big differences.

Many people think that glasses should be worn frequently no matter whether they look far or close.

The reason is that only after they wear glasses can their adjustment and convergence be harmonious and normal.

Vision can be normal, thus helping to relieve fatigue and prevent the development of myopia.

but many people think that when low myopia is close (Reading, writing)It is better not to wear glasses. I agree with this opinion.

I think that because myopia patients have stronger adjustment than normal people (Even regulating spasm).

Therefore, it is more labor-saving and natural for them not to wear glasses when looking at nearby targets.

For example, a 3.

For myopia of 00 degrees, his adjustment is 3. 5% larger than that of those who face up.

00 times, his approach is just 30 cm.

When he does not wear glasses to see a book about one foot, he does not need to add any adjustment at all. If he wears 3.

00 degrees of myopia glasses, his far away moved to 35 meters away (Infinity)

So when he wears glasses to see a foot distance, he must add 3. 00 degrees of adjustment.